Facebook Sign Up Online – How To Create a Facebook Account

Facebook Sign Up online | New Facebook Registration-This simply involves way to having creating and owning your own Facebook account profile in order to use Facebook platform. It is no more news that Facebook is the most popular social network in the world today with billions of users populating the social media network. Facebook Sign Up is the new way to meet millions of people online. Creating a new Facebook account helps you connect with family, friends, colleagues and more people. Facebook Account is a way of life in modern time.

It is now a way of life such that every individual of modern trend owns a Facebook account. And many are still signing up and creating new Facebook profile. The truth is that, it is not as many people that want to have a Facebook account know how to create a Facebook account, thus this the purpose of this post.

In this post, I show you the step by step guide to Facebook sign up which enables you create an account on the popular social network. And the steps are simple, easy and straight forward.

Facebook Sign Up Online – How To Create a Facebook Account

Follow these steps to create a new Facebook account;

1. Go to www.facebook.com and you will see “Create a New account” option

2. Fill in the Facebook account registration form with the required details including;

* Enter your First Name

* Enter your Surname

* Enter your mobile number or email address

* Enter your password

* Select your birthday

* Choose your gender

3. Click on “Create Account” – It is a green button right below the form. (See the image above)

With these steps, your Facebook Sign up or Facebook account registration is all set up and you are good to go on using your new Facebook account.


Facebook Login – How To Sign In Facebook Account

When you have finish the Facebook Sign up, the next important steps to know is how to login your Facebook account. This is because, it is one action you will always take when you want to access your Facebook. And the steps are simple!

1. Go to www.facebook.com

2. In the two boxes at the top of the “Create a New Account” option, are where you will enter your login details.

  • Enter your Email Address or phone number (Depending on the one you have used during Facebook Sign Up)
  • And also enter your Password

3. Click on “Log In”

And everything you need about your Facebook sign up and Facebook login are completely easy and simple just as explained above. Do share this helpful post on your social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc, using the share buttons below.