Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2021 in the USA (Fully Funded)

Harvard Academy Scholars Program is an outstanding opportunity for highly resourceful and initiative scholars to attain research assistance and technical training in their respective fields and areas. This international scholarship at Harvard for recent PhD scholars as well as the doctoral candidates – the scholars who are about to complete their PhD – from around the globe. The Harvard Academy Scholarship Program is open for scholars who have shown excellence in social sciences and law and have extraordinary command of another foreign language, history, or culture. Moreover, in order to get this funded scholarship, the scholars must be promising towards exceptional careers in different educational and other related institutes.

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The Academy Scholars Program is a highly competitive program and the most promising young scholars who have worked in social sciences and law outside the US and Canada will be selected by the selection committee. Harvard Academy shows a keen interest in the domestic and translational issues related to the research of the scholars. Thus, by following some specific criteria a community of resourceful, initiative, brilliant, curious, and original scholars is being built by the Harvard Academy Scholars Program. Under this program annually six scholars are selected on a competitive basis and regardless of their nationality and color.

Harvard University is the leading university in the world in research and the oldest institution of higher learning in the US. Moreover, the library system of the Harvard University is the real attraction for research scholars as the system comprises nearly 80 libraries which makes it the largest academic library in the world. Thus, this PhD scholarship for international scholars to Harvard is an encouraging and optimistic chance for creative and capable scholars to start their careers in the world’s prestigious institute. In return, the scholars are expected to be a valuable addition in the field of science and law by showcasing their expertise in these fields outside the USA and Canada. Notably, there are certain fields in which this Harvard scholarship is not awarded. The details about the eligible fields are given in the following paragraphs.


Harvard Academy Scholars Program has other financial benefits besides the above-mentioned ones e.g., financial research assistance, an annual stipend, etc. So, this post-doctoral scholarship in the USA is an opportunity for young and extraordinary scholars to initiate their careers while bringing positive impacts in social sciences and law. The article is a complete guide about the eligibility criteria, benefits, and how to apply along with the required documents in order to be selected in this international post-doc scholars program 2021 in the USA.

Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2021 in the USA:

Host Country:

Host University:

  • Harvard University

Host Academy:

  • The Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies

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Benefits of the Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2021:

  • An in-residence appointment of the scholars for two years at the Harvard Academy for International and Areas Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
  • Post-doctoral scholars will receive a $70,000 annual stipend.
  • If the scholars are doctoral candidates they will receive an annual stipend of $35,000 until the completion of PhD.
  • Financial research assistance, research travel will be supplemented with an already paid stipend.
  • The related conferences will be funded.
  • Health insurance will be covered.
  • Some teaching is permitted, however, it is not necessary.

Eligibility Criteria of the Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2021:

  • Scholars from around the globe and every nationality can apply.
  • Only the recent PhD scholars and doctoral candidates can apply.
  • Scholars from the fields of social sciences and law are only eligible.
  • The doctoral candidates must be in the thesis writing phase before applying to this program.
  • If the candidate is a recent PhD scholar the PhD completion date must be within three years of October 2021 or the PhD must be completed after September 30, 2018.

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How to apply for the Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2021:

  • The application will be submitted online.
  • The candidates have to submit a cover letter which must include the applicant’s academic field, country or region of specialization, and a proposed research topic.
  • The candidate must submit a CV which must include the list of publications.
  • In order to apply successfully, the candidate has to submit a research proposal of not more than 2500 words, which must represent the research methodology along with the planned objectives.
  • The candidate has to submit a PhD transcript copy.
  • Three letters of recommendation must be uploaded to the online application.
  • The reference letters, recommendation letters or cover letters must address to the selection committee.
  • The documents and application be submitted in Pdf form.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for the Harvard Academy Scholars Program 2021 in the USA is Ocotober 1, 2021.