How to Delete Whatsapp Account | Deactivate Whatsapp

Do you want to change your phone? This page has discussed how to delete Whatsapp account. Deleting a Whatsapp account is an irreversible process that cannot be reverted even if its an error from the identifier or user. On the other hand, look at effects of deactivating a Whatsapp account.

Whatsapp Deactivation Review

Whatsapp deactivation is a process that takes Whatsapp 90 days to comply. It can take you few seconds to get it done but we wish to let you know that it has forever effect. Deactivating a Whatsapp account has a long way to go. It can never be retracted after it’s completed so take note of that. However, it is not done outside the account.

You have to move into the account you wish to get deleted and get through with it. Remember that your account will not be reverted. Automatically, Whatsapp will erase your chats, delete you from all the groups you joined and your Google Drive backup. At most, see how to delete Whatsapp account.

What Will Happen After Deactivation?

Several things will happen and trust me, they are not real good. In as much as you have 90 days to get your account so done with, you will no longer have access to it after the day of deactivation. Although your information and materials will remain safe in Whatsapp database, you will no longer see them again.

On the other side, you as a user will deprive yourself from easy-to-reach world which Whatsapp has created for all teenagers, business men, companies, and individuals recently. Deactivate today and stop yourself from

  • Viewing status and knowing the recent happenings in the world right now.
  • More to that, no one can chat you up or even see your account even if your number is added to their contacts.
  • You will no longer be a Whatsapp user. That said, you do not have a Whatapp number unless you register another account.
  • Note that your information will no longer exist on air, but will remain safe in Whatsapp database in case of privacy protection.
  • Inability to receive notifications, share media, download audio, talk to someone through voice note or share of information speedily.
  • Video calls will put to stop.

These are few consequences that awaits anyone that succeeds in trashing Whatsapp account.


How to Delete Whatsapp Account

Close your Whatsapp account using these steps portrayed below which are so simple for anyone to comply. It doesn’t consume time and will definitely not stop you from accessing your phone so;

  1. Tap on Whatsapp app to get logged in.
  2. Go to the top right side of the page to tap on the three vertical dots ( Options ).
  3. Navigate to Settings and tap on it.
  4. Go to my Account and “Delete my Account is the next thing to tap on.
  5. Enter your phone number in international format. It must be the Whatsapp number.
  6. Tap on the text button “Deactivate my account”.
  7. At this point, you can now say reasons for deleting the Whatsapp account.
  8. After that, head onto the demo and Delete the account.

Can I Recover Deleted Whatsapp Account?

The deactivation is not reverted. Even if you mistakenly deleted the account, nothing will be done about it. However, we believe that you cannot follow this long process by mistake. Even if you lost your mind, you will regain it before you reach the last step so it cannot be recovered.

More to that, it hasn’t erased the fact that your information is still available in Whatsapp database but you can never view it. Remember, getting another account with same phone number will not get back your information because your Google Drive backup was deleted alongside the account the last we checked.